Star Sapphires

A sapphire is a one gemstone which possesses such qualities which allows it to maintain the
grandiose that it commands amongst all the other gemstones present. The most popular and
spoken about characteristics of this beautiful gemstone are undoubtedly its beauty, its
distinctive range of colors, its durability as well as its property of being quite hard. Belonging
to the corundum family of minerals a sapphire can be found in different distinctive colors
owing to the presence of impurities in the mineral. These trace impurities provide the
corundum with color and transforms it into a particular type of sapphire.

A red corundum is referred to as ruby while all the other colors possible are clubbed under sapphires.
The most common color associated with sapphires is blue.  All the other colors found in
sapphires are clubbed under ‘fancy sapphires’. The most common blue color too is present in
many different hues which include; deep blue, shining blue as well as grayish blue. There is
one more type of blue sapphire which though rare is a very prized item amongst jewelry
lovers and collectors. These are star sapphires.

Star Sapphires are sapphires which in their structure exhibit star like phenomenon known as
asterism. These star sapphires have in them inclusions of the mineral rutile. These inclusionsthe look of a six rayed star pattern inside the sapphire.  The presence of the star in star
sapphires add to the sheer brilliance of this gemstone. The overall value and price of these
star sapphires are evaluated after studying the carat value of the gemstone, the intensity of
asterism in the star sapphire as well as other characteristics like transparency and color of
these star sapphires.

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