Ruby Stones

The color of love, passion and fertility. Also the color of the gemstone ruby. With such powerful emotions associated with this gemstone it is very natural to understand the importance that ruby stones have for all of this. This sparkling piece of red stone is when set in metal it radiates beauty which is explicitly beautiful. Considered to be the king of gemstones the ruby stone has all the qualities like brilliance, Mohs hardness and striking deep color that are desired from a beautiful gem.

The ruby gemstones are the red varieties of the mineral corundum which significantly also forms sapphires. If seen in nature it is noticed that the pure variety of the mineral corundum has no color of its own and is therefore colorless. When this mineral has in it traces of impurities it goes on to impart a particular color to that very type of corundum. In the case of ruby stones the color imparted to the mineral is red and therefore leads to the formation of this particular gemstones.

Buy Here It should be noted that that only red corundum’s can be referred to as ruby stones while all the other shades of this mineral corundum go on to be classified as sapphires. With the hardness of ruby stones second only to diamond the quality that is most appreciated of this particular gemstone is its fiery red color. Considered to be the representative of fire and blood, this warm and feisty red ruby stones are loved for conveying these very same qualities.

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