Green Sapphires

The thought of a sapphire brings to mind images of this beautiful blue corundum mineral
which sparkles in various different shades of blue.  When considering sapphires it is seen that
the color blue is not only the most popular color in sapphires but also is the most favorite
color with the masses. Linked with feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and
loyalty, the emotions that are beautifully transcribed by means of this gemstone is that of

Apart from their strikingly brilliant color sapphires are also extremely hard minerals. This
makes them resistant to damages and scratches and is therefore require no major care in order
to keep them in its prime shape and quality. Though the color blue is the most common color
associated with sapphires there is a whole wider range of colors associated with sapphires.
These differently colored sapphires are classified as ‘fancy sapphires’ and include sapphires
which are yellow, pink, green, white or purple in shade.

When considering green sapphires it is seen that of all these different shades of sapphires
mentioned it is this particular shade which is the least common one. When considering
geographically it is seen that some of the finest pieces of these green sapphires come from the
island country of Sri Lanka. The most commonly shades found in green sapphires includes
the likes of rich blue green as well as the green shade of Teal. It is also seen that some yellow
sapphires too have hints of green in them and are therefore categorized as green sapphires.
When considering green sapphires it is seen that these stones are rarely seen in big sizes and
higher carats. Whatever be the size, this rare, striking fancy Natural Green Gemstones is a treasure worth
holding on too!

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